1.best eyelash extensions?

There are many criteria to evaluate what are best eyelash extensions. However, first we need to understand the concept of eyelash extensions and what are they based on to evaluate whether they are the best eyelash extensions or not?

1.1. What is the best eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that enhance the fullness, curl, length and thickness of natural eyelashes. Extensions can be made from a number of materials such as mink,human, silk or synthetic. The primary method of eyelash extensions is to use an adhesive to glue the extension onto the natural lashes 1–2 mm from the base of the natural lashes.

On the market, there are also many materials used to produce eyelashes as mentioned above. However, not everyone knows what is the best material to create best eyelash extensions. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to each of these factors to get the best result.

1.2. What are the different types of best eyelash extensions?

Basically, the best eyelash extensions are usually manufactured with artificial materials or animal hair. Of course, what is natural will create a more natural beauty. However, depending on the needs, customer segments to make their own choices

Mink Lash Extensions

Mink eyelashes are derived from mink fur, they have a natural lightness, the closest resemblance to your real eyelashes. This is also one of the most advanced materials to create eyelash extensions. However, if you are allergic to animafurs, then this is definitely not the perfect choice for the best eyelash extension for you.

In addition, if you are concerned with some ethical and humanitarian issues, I am sure that you WILL NOT choose this material for your eyelash extensions. You can watch the video below to learn more about how mink fur is handled. We are so sorry if they shocked and appalled you with this fact

Silk Lash Extensions

These lashes are called “silk” but they’re not actually made of silk like you’re used to seeing on scarves or clothing. They are so called because the feeling when touching this type of eyelashes is quite soft and smooth. The weight of these eyelashes is average, they are not as light as mink lashes, but they are very suitable for long-time lash artists in the industry who can create handmade fans, they are also used a lot but not a type of best eyelash extensions most popular.

Synthetic Lash Extensions

Synthetic eyelashes are the ones that seem to be the heaviest and least natural of all. They don’t have the natural softness of mink lashes and the color is somewhat glossier than real lashes.
However, with modern and advanced technology today, Korea has produced PBT materials with thin and light thickness, natural color and similar to real eyelash color. Not only that, they can also be used to create many different curvatures and are suitable for many types of eyelash extensions that customers desire. The biggest advantage of this material is its relatively moderate cost, variety in thickness, length, curvature and color,…

You can check out some of the products made from PBT synthetic fibers below to make sure this isn’t a bad choice for you. They might even be the best eyelash extensions for you to start your own business.

7D premade loose fans from V-Lash Factory

2. How to choose the best eyelash extensions ?

In general, choosing the best eyelash extensions for yourself is not easy. They depend on a lot of factors to be able to choose the type of lashes that are best for you. In the sections below, we point out the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best eyelash extensions for you

2.1. Materials for making the best eyelash extensions

In the above, we have covered some of the most popular materials for creating eyelash extensions. So you can also dig deeper into those materials and decide which is best for you.
If you are eyelash wholesalerslash technicians or lash artists, we suggest that you may prefer eyelash extensions made from PBT materials. Although they are not the most expensive materials, they generally meet the factors and advantages that the majority of customers choose.

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