You are planning to do a set of pre-made lashes, but you are wondering whether to choose long stem lashes or short stem lashes? Which style will suit you best? Don’t worry because  V-Lash has compiled all the necessary information to provide customers with the most perfect and most suitable lash style. So now, you just need to follow this post to clarify more information about long stem versus short stem lashes.

1. Long Stem Versus Short Stem Lashes – Differences

The term “Long stem lashes” and “Short stem lashes” seems to be a little bit strange for someone new. So, long stem versus short stem lashes, what are their differences in the definitions?

1.1. Long Stem Versus Short Stem Lashes: Definition

Generally, short stem fans or short stem lashes will have a shorter base of the lash. Otherwise, the top of the fan will be longer and wider. So, some may wonder about the “fan base,” it’s simple; imagine “fan base” is like the lashes’ root, where you can put the glue or make some method to take your fake lashes into your eyes like heat-bonded as well.

Long stem versus short stem lashes, you may be more familiar with the term “long stem lashes” more than the “short stem lashes.” The reason here is the long stem lashes are easier to use, and it’s more common in the lashes extensions. The long stem lashes actually have a shorter base and longer fan.

As we have said before, the top of the lashes will be wider, so it will be more simple for lash artists to form the fans like curling.

1.2. Long Stem Versus Short Stem Lashes – Characteristic

Based only on a brief overview of short stem lashes and long stem lashes above, it will be extremely tough for you to choose the ideal set of lashes. Especially when you plan to make one of these two sorts of lashes but do not know which one will best suit your face or eye shape.

Therefore, We – V-Lash Factory are here to provide you the differences between these two types: Long stem versus short stem lashes.

  • First of all, if you plan to do a set of eyelashes to make your look more lovely and innocent or you already have a natural or light look, then short stem lashes will be a great choice for you.

Otherwise, long stem lashes are more appropriate for those who own or want a dramatic and dense look.

Long stem versus short stem lashes: Differences

Next, we shall compare the characteristics of the two types in-depth:

  • Regarding the style, short stem lashes usually have a thickness of 0.7mm while long stem lashes are typically 0.10mm thick.
  • Nowadays, the popular length of short stem lashes is 8-15mm but long stem lashes’ length is often 9-22mm.

These are some of the basic differences that  V-Lash Factory  offers to help you easily choose a suitable set of eyelashes.

2. Long Stem Versus Short Stem Lashes – Which One Is Better? 

In the previous parts, you have acknowledged the term long stem lashes and the short ones. So, long stem versus short stem lashes, which one would be most appropriate to you? For choosing the best-premade volume fans, you have to determine what style you want to create with them. Here is our guideline for you to follow.

2.1. Long Stem Lashes Versus Short Stem Lashes: Option For The Sharp Look

If you are considering long stem versus short stem lashes, which will give you a dramatic look, so long-stem lashes completely suit you. With a gorgeous instant eyeliner effect, the long-stem fan is most preferred for thick and voluminous looks. What’s more, these lashes take you only half the time compared to the handmade lashes and hence, are the most favorite pre-made fans on the market. We guarantee you or your client will love these express volume lashes!

2.2. Long Stem Versus Short Stem Lashes: Option For Natural Look

Whereas the long-stem pre-made fan creates a more naturally fuller look, the short-stem pre-made fan has a much fuller and grander final effect. In addition, there are different options of short stem lashes available to support the makeup you want to wear. If you want a fluffy, voluminous look, volume 4D, 5D, 6D lash are great choices for this style. However, if you are after the trendy LA mega volume style, short-stem lashes with wider width fans like 10D to 20D can make you satisfied too.

Long stem versus short stem lashes, both have their own functions and upcoming benefits. If you are favored with these kinds of lashes, we recommend you get one at V-Lash Factory . They are making different high-quality types of fans in large quantities.


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