Wispy 335


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🍑 High-quality 5-pair mink false eyelashes, soft, pre-curved eyelashes🍑

✔️ Mink false eyelashes come in many different styles, suitable for many different makeup styles + eye styles

✔️ Eyelashes are soft and have a built-in curl, so if you want more curl, use an eyelash curler.

✔️ Eyelashes can be used 6-8 times (If not using mascara)

  • Moderately long eyelashes are intertwined in a staggered, cascading shape, suitable for attractive makeup
  • Black eyelashes, super light, soft eyelash frames hug the base of your eyelids without leaking, naturally curved eyelash tips
  • Especially economical, reuse many times is too economical
  • 100% handmade, soft, light, natural eyelashes like real eyelashes
Wispy 335


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