(SHTT) – On May 21, 2023, in Hanoi, surpassing rigorous selection criteria, Lam Son Eyelash Co., Ltd. became one of the Top 50 Famous Brands in Asia-Pacific 2023.

The Asia-Pacific Famous Brands and Outstanding Business Managers program for 2023 is an important event organized by the Asia-Pacific Scientific and Technical Cooperation Research Institute, Vietnam Integration Magazine, Enterprise Culture and Brand Development Center, Competitiveness Index Survey and Evaluation Institute, in coordination with Dong Nam Audio Visual, to honor businesses and entrepreneurs with outstanding achievements in production, business, and sustainable brand development in the Asia-Pacific region.

With nearly 10 years of experience, Lam Son Eyelash has grown from a small company with 5 employees to an enterprise with several hundred employees. The growth comes not only from expanding production scale but also from continuously improving techniques and product quality. The talented team of engineers at Lam Son Eyelash always seeks innovation and applies the latest technology to the production process. Lam Son Eyelash is also proud to be a supplier of exclusive eyelash designs for major partners in the market. This demonstrates that Lam Son Eyelash not only produces top-quality products but also meets diverse market demands and keeps up with trends.

Not only does Lam Son Eyelash focus on product quality, but the company also commits to providing the best value for customers. Thanks to large-scale production and effective cost management, Lam Son Eyelash offers competitive prices, allowing customers to retail products to various target customers seeking eyelash extensions, providing a beautiful experience for their eyes and confidence every day. Each eyelash product produced by Lam Son Eyelash meets the highest quality standards, with each lash meticulously and skillfully crafted. For the company, customers are important partners, and the company builds sustainable and trustworthy relationships. Long-term partnerships are a significant success, and Lam Son Eyelash ensures regular production volume while meeting any special requirements from partners.

With the development and value that Lam Son Eyelash brings, the company has established its position in the false eyelash manufacturing industry and was honored to receive the Asia-Pacific Famous Brand Award in 2023. Lam Son Eyelash guarantees the best quality and value for customers and partners worldwide. Most importantly, Lam Son Eyelash hopes to share this beauty product with everyone.

“Lam Son Eyelash achieves the title of Top 50 Famous Brands in Asia-Pacific 2023

The Lam Son Eyelash Co., Ltd. event being awarded the title of Top 50 Famous Brands in Asia-Pacific 2023 is also an opportunity to bring the Lam Son Eyelash brand closer to customers, partners, and consumers, serving as a bridge to introduce businesses and entrepreneurs who have contributed to socio-economic development.

Lam Son Eyelash Co., Ltd.
Production Plant: Zone 5, Lam Son Town, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province.
Website: https://lashlamson.com”

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